Christine is the first track that is being released and will be followed up by 4 or 5 more over the coming months.

This version of Christine was orginally recorded on Toni's debut solo album "Unfolding". Since then Toni decided to take a change in her musical direction and has re-recorded a selection of songs from the album.

The other songs that have been re-recorded  are:

Johnny Doesn't Like It
I Rise

Toni has also recorded a new song " I Have a Friend".

Stay tuned as we will be releasing these songs over the coming weeks!



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New Release : I Rise

To all the amazing people who appeared in I Rise - I am humbled and deeply inspired by your strength.
THANK YOU for your time, and for allowing us a glimpse into your lives. 
May this song inspire and uplift those who need it. May they look up, and Rise.

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