The music video for Christine was filmed on a beach in Hangklip and the fields of Greyton in the Western Cape, South Africa. Hangklip is a quiet remote place known for it's beautiful fynbos, bountiful ocean life and  rocky bays. Hangklip is Toni's favorite place to go to when she wants to slip out of the rat race. It has also been a source of inspiration for several of Toni's songs she has written.

Creating the artwork on the beach for the video proved to be quite challenging as filiming had to be scheduled around the time of the tides as well as the sunrise/sunset - not to mention the weather! There were a few mishaps when the images on the sand were washed away due to some rather large unexpected waves!

Crystal, the Ridgeback dog featured in the video was not in the orginal script, but she made a point of getting into shots whenever she could! As she was a natural and fitted in perfectly with the storyboard, she was recruited in a supporting role.

Christine was a remarkable and beautiful soul. She had to make a choice when coming to a crossroads in her a life as to whether she should leave this earth in the prime of her life, or instead, view the obstacle from a different perspective and reach for her dreams, achieve them and thrive.

The music video was produced,directed and edited by Koeka Stander.

Making of Christine

New Release : I Rise

To all the amazing people who appeared in I Rise - I am humbled and deeply inspired by your strength.
THANK YOU for your time, and for allowing us a glimpse into your lives. 
May this song inspire and uplift those who need it. May they look up, and Rise.

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